Posted on: January 30, 2012 8:43 pm

The uncommon ground of Eli

Whenever Eli Manning is brought up in discussions we always seem to get two extreme opinions. Eli is either elite or he is an inconsistent QB who is just a good football player. Why the two extremes? Why does Eli get so little credit for his performance at the QB position? As a life long Giants fan I have to admit I am gracious that Eli is a Giant. At first, many thought the price paid was too high. But we now know that was not the case and if you knew back then that Eli would have the Giants in two Super Bowls than that trade was steal. Going through Eli's progression we can see how he has improved in certain areas. Accuracy, yards, TDs and, QB rating (for the record I don't think this stat carries much weight, just look at Tim Tebows 2-8 69yrds 1 TD and his 102 rating). In addition, his late game ability to remain calm and consistently give his team a chance to win is something that not many QB's in this league can do. While I agree, he does not put up the Brady, Brees, Payton or, Rodgers numbers but, his 4900 yards this season is impressive considering he had the leagues worst rushing attack. Perhaps the most unsettling thing about Eli is his INTs. This one of the more common stats used against him in any conversation when he is being reffered to as an elite or top tier QB. But every QB throws pics and Drew Brees is the perfect example. He has thrown 10 or more pics in every season but one. In six of the seasons he had 15 or more. Brees did not throw 30 TDs until his 7th season as a starter and 8th season in the NFL? Tom Brady has thrown 12 or more INTs in every season but two and Payton has thrown 15 or more in 8 seasons and topped 20 in two of those. Now, I am not using this to prove or suggest that Eli is as good or better than these QBs. I am merely showing that QBs throw INTs and for some reason Eli is always held to different standard when this topic is brought up. If you're being objective I think it is fair to say that Eli ranks among the top QBs in the game and is better than avg. He is elite when you compare him to a majority of the QBs in this league and while he may not be throwing 40 TDs I'll take the 29 TDs and 4900 yards to go along with his second Super Bowl appearance. What are your thoughts?
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